Project Description

A not-for-profit Q/A site to enable community peer review

Motivation & Goals

I.e. problems real people have that the community review project (CR) will strive to alleviate, and the method by which CR plans to help these people.  This section is meant as a general overview and includes a bit more than the minimum viable product (MVP).

Related Goal: Provide a repository for open questions, clarifications, and fixes to technical and academic publications (in particular papers that have already passed peer review).  All posts/threads will be initiated by a question (which can, e.g. in the case of a found mathematical mistake, be immediately answered by the author).  [Terminology Note: in this doc we’ll refer to a post/thread related to a specific problem/question as a “QA thread” or simply a “QA”.]  All QA threads will be required to reference at least one paper by DOI or ArXiv #.


Related Goal: Provide a mechanism for multidisciplinary review (e.g. to allow a statistician to comment on a paper published in an ecology paper or vice versa).


How to Contribute

Two ways to get started

  1. Post an issue here saying you'd like to contribute and a sentence or two about your skill set.
  2. join the Community-Review club on Clubhouse and come to the weekly general meeting (Sundays @ 6:30p PST) -- yes, we're holding our general meetings on CH in an effort to recruit volunteers, and yes it's working well so far =)